Making a Game in Unity 038: UI and Bug Fixes

Making a game in Unity 038: UI and bug fixes

In this devlog I used Blender to make a grappling hook model, I worked on some UI improvements, and I fixed a few bugs that have been around for way too long.

The UI overhaul wasn’t as interesting as I thought it might be since I ended up mostly reorganizing stuff on the backend, so I did my best to cram in some decent progress towards the end of the video. I spent quite a bit of time doing some freelance work recently, so that’s another reason this devlog was a bit more relaxed 😛

The first bug I fixed made the player float into the air anytime he was interacting with something because gravity wasn’t being applied, and the second one prevented the camera from positioning itself correctly when aiming cannons. Both of these issues have been around for a few months because I ignored them, and it felt really good to get them off my list off things to do.

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