Making a Game in Unity 031: Client Prediction

Making a game in Unity 031

Over the last two weeks, I rebuilt the server’s rollback system and began implementing client prediction. Like I mentioned in the last devlog, I realized that I severely over-complicated my rollback system, so this week I got to work on overhauling it.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the reconciliation aspect of client prediction because I ran into some issues. Client prediction and reconciliation is pretty complicated, and even though I knew that going in, I somehow managed to underestimate it anyways.

I also improved the ship’s buoyancy algorithm, so it now floats much more realistically, although I’ll have to keep playing around with the values since it’s still quite bouncy.

And finally, I set up a Ko-fi page this week. If you’d like to support me and my work, that’s now possible. A huge thank you to anyone who buys me a coffee!

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