Making a Game in Unity 023: Dropping the Anchor

Making a game in Unity 023

With it still being the holidays, I didn’t make too much progress during the first week of this devlog. However, in the second half I started working on dropping the anchor and raising it again, which came with a few problems.

Since the capstan’s collider will have to rotate, I can’t make it part of the ship’s compound collider, so I ended up looking into BepuPhysics’ constraints. I got kind of stuck, but once I sort it out I’ll be able to use the same knowledge to rotate the colliders of other objects such as the rudder and the cannons.

I also had to rewrite the way I handle inputs on my server in order to allow me to take advantage of continuous inputs. This took a lot longer than I would have liked, and the code still feels kind of messy, but I should be able to reuse the same systems quite often in the future.

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