Ventus: Flight to the Death

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Project status: Ongoing – In Beta

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About Ventus: Flight to the Death

Ventus: Flight to the Death is my fourth game, and this time I’m working with Unity 3D. I’ve not only moved into the space of 3D games, but also into the multiplayer realm.

The vision for Ventus is to allow you to engage in aerial combat with your friends.

As for the name, Ventus means wind in Latin, and Flight to the Death is a wordplay on Fight to the death (I do not take full credit for the idea, I had some friends help me out).

Game objective

Ventus: Flight to the Death is a third person aerial combat game that, once released, you will be able to play with friends.

There are currently three multiplayer game modes, Duel, 2v2, and Capture the Flag, with the possibility of more coming after the official release.

You can also play the singleplayer Time Trial game mode, which I added to help you improve your flying skills.


I started developing Ventus in March of 2018, after getting used to Unity and C#, and playing around with networking for nearly a month and a half.

C# was a completely new language for me, however I managed to pick it up within about two weeks. The first iOS beta version was available by the end of May, which included the Duel and 2v2 game modes.

Since then, the most noteworthy additions include the Capture the Flag game mode and missiles—machine gun fire is quite unreliable unless you manage to get directly behind someone.

While the game is currently only available in beta form on iOS, my goal is to get the full release out on both iOS and Android.

If you’d like more information, please join our Discord community, where I post more frequent updates about development:

Play it yourself

Ventus is currently in the closed beta phase and I have not yet set a release date.