Tartarus: The Abyss

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Project status: Finished – Occasional Updates
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About Tartarus: The Abyss

Tartarus: The Abyss is the second iOS game I developed, and my personal favorite of the three 2D games I have on the App Store.

The name Tartarus comes from the endless pit in Greek mythology. Since in Tartarus: The Abyss you are falling endlessly, the name seemed like a perfect fit.

Game objective

As you plummet into the darkness, you must dodge rocks, while collecting gems and power-ups.

The gems you find can be spent in the shop to customize the shape and color of your character.


Development took roughly a year and a half, as I set a much bigger scope than I did for Ball Is Life. One of my main goals was to include a shop to allow character customization.

Tartarus: The Abyss is also my first game that was released with Admob integration, which increased development time by a substantial amount, since that was all new to me.

A week after the initial release in July of 2017, I released an update with practice mode—a slower paced, more beginner friendly mode that still allowed you to collect gems, with the limitation of not saving highscores.

A day later I released another update, this time containing Game Center support.

In August of 2017, it was update time again. This one included a new settings menu where I moved the practice mode option to, along with settings related to Game Center.

Power-ups finally came around in January of 2018, alongside a power-ups update to Ball Is Life, and the release of my third game, Rainbow Reaction.

Play it yourself

If you are interested in checking it out, you can download Tartarus: The Abyss here.