Stop Researching and Actually Start Programming

Actually start programming #JustStart

You’ve done your research. Now it’s time to stop procrastinating and actually start programming.

If you’re not sure if programming is for you, read my post about whether or not you should teach yourself to code. Alternatively, just try it out.

If you don’t know how to try it out, I recommend starting with Khan Academy’s Hour of Code. It’s a good way to get your feet wet, with lessons, challenges, and mini projects for you to complete as you progress.

Set aside some time

We’re all busy. But the simple fact is that you need to put in time. There’s no getting around it—if you want to learn to code, you’ll have to invest the time.

If you’re super busy and really have no space in your schedule, take a close look at what is taking your time. Do you spend an hour a day mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed? Do you watch an unnecessary amount of TV shows?

Consider taking a block of time that you would otherwise spend unproductively, and start programming. An hour is all it takes to get a feel for whether or not learning to code is something you want to pursue further.

Put your phone away

While this might be hard for you, you really don’t need your phone to code—it’ll only distract and hinder you. As the famous saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. Put your phone in a place where it simply can’t distract you.

Programming is 3% skill and 97% not getting distracted by the internet. This applies right from the beginning all the way to the day that you stop coding.

If you’re thinking to yourself I can just multitask, stop right there. The simple fact is you can’t. At least not when it comes to learning to code. If you want to become a successful programmer, you need to be able to give what you’re doing your undivided attention.

I also recommend closing any social media tabs you have open on your computer. Cut yourself off from the world for an hour, and fully apply yourself to programming.

Actually start programming

Stop procrastinating and start programming. Go to Khan Academy and complete The Hour of Code!

Stop making excuses like “I need to do more research” or “I don’t have the time”. You don’t need to do more research. There’s surprisingly little you need to know before you start. Do your research as your progress requires it.
If you think you’re too busy, think again. It’s very unlikely that you don’t have blocks of unproductively spent time in your life that you can repurpose. If you actually want to learn to code, you’ll find the time to do so.

The single biggest deciding factor in whether or not you succeed in learning to code is whether or not you actually start programming!

So set aside some time, get rid of all potential distractions, and complete Khan Academy’s Hour of Code.